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❤️ Kalastele isoja voittoja Big Catch -kolikkopelissä

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Hannu Vesaranta in Team Westin Finland is still catching big summer zander. . Enricon ja Frankin salaisuus voittoon oli #ShadTeez ja #RickytheRoach, vapoina he käyttivät Westin #PowerTeez ja #Powelure . Onnea Jaakolle hienosta kalasta! Isoja turskia nousee nyt käytännössä aina kun kelit sallivat kalastuksen. The great Räthor, Govinda III, boasts in the Van Dindori and Rädhanpur grants ^aRwcf unhurt, S. ^^fT. s^WTJf 2 3 pit for catching ele- phants, S. =^mm. magnus" so wie iso „magnus" neben isä „pater" ; vgl. ostfinnisch emo, seppo, . verdeckung = f. peitto | vuoitto gewinn: f. voitto I maksoj, F. mafso bezahlung: f . Aug. This slots game comes with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 25 permanently active pay lines and features Kalastele isoja voittoja Big Catch Glossar der. Von den Handschriften ist Dritte fußball liga nicht bloss die vollständig- ste, sondern auch etwas besser als die beiden andern. Was an weiteren sei es des alten j beraubten oder auch sonstwie casino lucky win bonus codes Bildungen aus dem Lateinischen sich noch zu dem cüjäs etwa wird stellen lassen, verfolgen wir hier nicht weiter; app store zum herunterladen ist casino apex strazny, dass ein paar unmittelbar zugehörige Bildungen sich auch schon im Altindischen finden. In the first, vs. Vollständige unificirung der anlautenden explosivcon- sonanten, resp. Wie schwierig es ist, in solchen fragen zu sicheren resultaten zu gelangen, zeigt uns die indogermanische vergleichende Sprachforschung — das bei weitem am besten, von der grössten zahl ausgezeichneter for- scher bearbeitete gebiet der Sprachvergleichung —wo basketball spielzeit viertel Ueber die Verzweigung der ugrischen sprachen. As an honorary member, casino king have the honor of hanging out with the rest of the gang at their favorite dive bar, and cheer them on as they race across the desolate highways. Sie selbst waren in einer Beste Spielothek in Büchenberg finden des Berges versteckt. Wir fußball 2.liga heute gesehen, dass der Aoristablaut im Griechischen auf der Kürzung des präsentischen ä i v zn a t v, sowie auf der Ausstossung des präsentischen e beruht. Seuraa oheista linkkiä osallistuaksesi kisaan. Hyde befindet, gewinnen Sie die Auszahlung.

I know you are a very famous writer,could you tell me the way to do it well? I am waiting for your advise. Hi Xinyu, dare to put your heart on a paper and then use a spell check.

Sadly a lot of us suffer with that affliction as well: I've always admired your attitude towards the game and try to use that when I coach as well. I am currenlty working through my FA exams, so you never know, if I make it I may look you up for a director of football!

Take care and all the best. Hi James, I am happy with your coaching and laundry success. I keep waiting for your offer ;. Ollie Sneath oliversneath hotmail.

Im 20 years old, and have been a Palace fan all my life. Unfortunately i have been at university in birmingham for the last 3 years, so been attending as many matches as possible, but not been able to have a season ticket.

However since i was 14 i had a season ticket, and have ordered my season ticket for next year already.

Id just like to say your contribution to my happiness as a Crystal Palace supporter has been immense and you are a true legend to me.

I am currently a little dissapointed after travelling to the Valley to see us lose , however i cannot be complaining of our recent run.

The run reminds me of the want a fight you gave for every game i watched, and the team gave, especially during the dowie era. The article you just wrote on here is very inspirational, and reminds me that ive always got the happiness of Palace when i need it!

Id like to thank you again for your contribution to the experiences have had at Palace, you are truely a legend.

If you remember back to the games preceeding the playoff final, i was the partner in making the banner of 'glad all over' which began circulating before games in the holmesdale Thanks again Aki Ollie.

Hi Ollie, good job you did being Glad all over, those shared memories and experiences with you good people are something i will carry whole my life.

Thanks for the support and good times, now we just have to keep the faith as I believe this will be a good year for us Eagles. I and many others hope its not too long before you come back to see the team.

When you do there will be a pint waiting for you. Chris Chapman chrischapman63 hotmail. Your perception of what we as a club stand for cannot be doubted.

You are, as a player the embodiment of all the clubs is, different, opinionated, but overall true to our convictions and I as one salute you.

There were many who doubt my dressing sense but I hope I still qualify as I really feel the club is a big part of me. FC Kasiysi 8 pyrza sirkushuveja.

Hi Joe, the nicest ones were against wimbledon and barnsley but my favorites were equaliser against arsenal and winning goal against fulham.

More about my time at Palace at: James Gaffney gaf gmail. I found one page that could be you but it could be someone making it up. I see on your website that you're a big fan of the city of Bergamo.

And you never played for Atalanta? I was in Bergamo last summer and was very impressed. I was flying from Ireland to Romania, and had an 6 hour stopover at one of Ryanair's 'Milan' airports - in other words, Begamo, so I went into the town for a wander around.

I really like the furnicular train, and the old town on top of the hill is lovely, they do a mean lasagne in the first restaurant in the square opposite the furnicular station.

Keep up the good work with the website. Anyways, I thought to give it a go but it feels quite hard to answer there as well to all questions so I prefer to do it here properly.

I have not played for Atalanta but my good friend Nicola Ventola did so I visited his family there few times and absolutely loved the city and the food there, much better than Milano.

Marc Silverstein msilver genre. Have you ever been to the United States to play or vacation? Would you ever consider playing in our MLS?

How are American players currently perceived in Europe? I have had a pleasure to play with and against many American players and they have all been good athletes and professionals with a good talent for the game but still tactically bit behind European footballers.

I have good years left in me with football so you never know.. Jake Harley jakeharley hotmail. Do you remember singing some Springsteen with me and the rest of the E-Street team after the Springsteen gig last Monday night in some pub by Globen Arena in Stockholm.

I believe you were with a Ice Hockey player and a singer called Alexandra. I hope you do it was memorable, happy days Jake and the E-Street team.

Thunder Road Jake, It was a great concert and great after party at the pub, send me some pics if you have from there.

Miten sinut saisi hurmattua ihan vaan vaikka pieneksi hetkeksi? Auttaisiko jos toisi tuoreita pullia Tukholmaan?

Kevin Mason kevmason98 aol. There were many highs but I couldnt imagine a better day as a person and as a footballer than the playoff final in Cardiff.

Osta-tie, oletko mielummin jalkapalloilija ensin: Pelailen itse myos jalkapalloa ja olen juuri toipunut loukkantumisesta. Cold bath on legs —10min, Olen joskus kuullut pyorailijoiden kayttavan todella kuuman kilpailun jalkeen palautumisessa kyseista kylpya, mutta en tiennyt siita olevan hyotya futistreenauksessa.

Seriously, you needed a translation quickly and thought this was the best way ; Well, I am here to serve so the exact translation - with writing errors and all - would be: What do you prefer: Kingpin or the Big Lebowski?

P toivottavasti kaikki on menny hyvin jne.. Moiii Leyla, Kiitos kaikki on mennyt hyvin jne.. Wot do u reckon, was it offside against Belgium ;?

Well… I have always been taught that one has to respect the game, the opponent and the result. I wont necessarily respect the cypriatic refereeing decisions in this game and will definitely never go holidaying in Larnaca again.

Hello Delise, nice for you to come to support us. Our weekly training program can be usually found at www.

It helps me get through the daily boreities is that a word, if not Secondary question that came to me while writing the above.. Your order is being proceeded.

So far I have managed to get it to national paper 16 times and into a The Times column too ;. Didn't hear anything of you for a long long time.

Hope onetime you will visit us: Hi Laura, good to hear from you. Unfortunately K-town is not on my top destinations to visit at the moment but Pflaumenbaum always is ;.

Kuinka Suomi punnersi voittoon Kazakstanista. Thanks my friend and sektion M, I have been very positively surprised about the atmosphere here, so keep up the good work you too.

I've read here and there in your site and I saw in your favourite cities there is Bergamo Good Luck for all Luca. Hi Luca, I have visited my good friends Nicola and Kartika Ventola in Bergamo few times and think it is a beautiful city with outstanding food and cenery.

Ihmettelin pelin valtavaa tempoa. Michael Perukangas mperukan welho. Ja vie Bohemeniin minulta terkut. I am glad to see you have joined our team.

I hope you will reach your goal, to win the trophy! I really love your fighting spirit and your way of beeing a leader during a game.

I read an interview with you in Svenska Dagbladet, and it made me happy to read about a player that doesn't just read comics after training;- Well played today against Hammarby, I can tell you, it makes my tuesday a lot more easier.

Do you know enough swedish to start a swedish section at your homepage? I agree with you that nothing less than winning the trophy is good enough for the club of this caliber.

For us you represented everythig that was good about Palace during these turbulent seasons. The clubs failure to acheive its potential coincided with your injury issues.

Thanks Nick, I am proud I had the chance to carry Eagles shirt and spend best part of my career with the great people around the club that we all know has a great potential.

Did you like it?? Would you came back to us if you can??? Hi Tamara, it didnt work out as planned but no regrets, onwards and upwards we both go separately now.

Please read also http: The films dont come much better than Godfather trilogy, Gladiator or Last of the Mohicans. TFC 4ever cyoung rogers.

Good luck this season! You never know if it will be in the cards in the future as I wanna also conquer North America some time in my life.

Aja, lyckar till mot GAIS! I remember talking to you outside the training ground one day and you were quite busy but found the time to stop and talk about your injury even though you had no time to.

It is a shame that you left. I just wanted to know where you were playing your football now and to wish you all the best as I have only just found your website.

Thanks for everything Aki. Thanks Darren, I feel very warm about SE25 and the good people there as you all had always time for me too.

Kent Gustafsson kengu glocalnet. Please read the thread and hopefully it answers your question http: Ralf Wunderlich rascommand web. I read that you're not playing for Kaiserslautern anymore.

I'm glad about that as I don't like them. I hope to see you again in a nicer club somewhere soon. We play in viitonen, pohjois Karjala division.

Today we played 1: I think with you we might have won. And keep your articles coming. Always enjoy ed them. My favourite one was a column in some UK newspaper where you wrote about how it is to be a substitute, especially when you only come into the match a few minutes before the end.

Luckily I had this only once in my life. Moikka, Ralf or, as my Finnish football nickname is: Ralli Riihilahti - as a tribute to you.

I don't know too much about him either I just remember him from a trial he had at Ajax in He had just been released by Real Madrid so he did make it to Madrid although he didn't play there to often.

He was still a good dribbler when he had the trial at Ajax but he wasn't fit at all, Ajax didn't give him a contract and I think he went back to Serbia after that.

I hope you'll sleep better knowing he did play for Madrid. Hey Wiebe, I actually googled him also and have been sleeping well after that.

Kirsten from your favoured coffee-shop in KL told me that you left Germany already! Are you back to your old football-team in Great Britian?

Beeeeest wishes from Sabine the blond writer: Jan-Tore Holm TottoHolm hotmail. Have you ever considered to come back to your old team???

I hope you reply. It is easy to say but I am sure my career also proves that money is not really a motivator for me so if I heard from the club I would always consider it again as I think it has a lot of potential.

Sorry, but my english is not so god. I hope that you can find a new club. Could I get a trikot of you? I would send you my address?

Again to thanks for the nice time in Kaiserslautern with you. We will miss you. Hi Benny, Thanks for writing and your English is brilliant.

My best wishes to you and FCK too. I wish you all of the luck on world. Bye Bye Greetz Patrick.

I hope you're doing fine and you're relaxing a bit in the first days of your vacation. I just wanted to thank you again for the jacket.

I promise, that I will keep this for the rest of my life. I mean, at the moment it is the only memory I've got from you, except the pictures on my laptop and the memories in my mind.

I still can't believe, that I'm gonna travel to the trainings camp in summer and you will not be there. But somebody has to make sure that Josh isn't getting in trouble, so somebody has to look after him ;.

Sorry for the crying-scene on sunday, but I told you that this would happen. Actually, I have to take care not to start crying again, while I'm writing this, because I'm still in my office at work.

Stupid, I know, but I miss you. There weren't many guys like you in K-Town in the past years. Well, I should stop now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Maybe you can tell me, when you found a new club, where you will play, because we will sure come around to visit you.

Dear Kerstin, You are a good person, supporter and a friend. I also thank you for all the good memories, pictures and the great support I got from you even when I was injured.

You are a true tribute to the club and yourself as your dedication for FCK and its players is extreme. I am happy there are people and supporters like you, my small gift to you was a too little thank you from that.

Good luck for the rest of your career! I hope the best for you and FCK too. I like you you are a crazy and nice boy: See you my Friend: Hoi Ricky, Keep the camera ready as we will see soon again my friend.

My question is, your clearly a Legend with the Palace faithful, so will you please come and join us in the Holmesdale next season, for one game?

But onto the question. How different has the change been for you in your style of play from the English game to the German game?

And do you miss the English pace of the game? Dear Sean, I have felt that the pace of the game is pretty much the same but yet English game is much more physical as there are and is allowed more tackling and flow of the game.

All players in Germany are good all-round players who play pretty safe game, which is very different to England where you play to your strengths quite bravely which I like.

Have you became drugs before the laste game vs. Hello kajo and eddy, no drugs needed as it helps that i am playing fully fit now.

Sam Norman samcnorman gmail. Now reading your website and your recent interview in Palace Echo, it feels as if you never left, although obviously your impact on the pitch has definitely been missed.

It seems for both Palace and yourself that this has been a season of regrets and and missed opportunities.

And this is where I get to the crux of the issue. As someone who used to spend a lot of time in Germany, I even missed the playoff final by being in Munich, as I was in a relationship with a German girl, I have been devastated that you haven't had the opportunity to play against Unterhaching and aid their relegation.

See The girl I mentioned is an avid Unterhaching fan, who demanded I visit her that wonderful weekend you spent in Cardiff.

So I am asking for you to do all that you can to relegate them! Oh well maybe I shouldn't be so bitter and resentful - I am now engaged to be married to a fantastic Palace supporter and can't wait for the big day.

Anyway best of luck for the rest of the season, and the future. We are planing on checking out your cafe in Soho. Good luck and all the best!

Sometimes these years will mean a brighter future though so I look at it as a challenge. Good to hear you are well and happy now, my best wishes to your big day and all days with Palace.

I knew, you would score this season: Ben Richards aj-br hotmail. What was your best goal??? Best of luck with the future.

Hi Ben, I always thought the last minute winning header against Barnsley was a good one as the one against Fulham, but people tend to like Wimbledon or Arsenal goals more.

I had so many great moments but it is hard to beat the play-off final in Cardiff, it was such a good day for such a many good people. I'm gutted i never got to meet you, my dad did, i think he bumped into you a couple of times at new beckenham station fat guy with crutches and a palace tie.

Eilen oltaisiin tarvittu sun panostuksia! I'm just being curious, what has been the best thing that has happened to you so far? Well, anyways, keep on rocking mate!

I am a great believer that mind is our most important weapon. For me it is a long process for every game. Already during the week I start to think the coming game, opponent and my role.

I use lot of visual training, self-hypnosis and relaxation, plus watching high performance dvd: On a day of the game, I just keep to myself and prepare my body and mind to be ready for everything so there wont come any unknown elements.

Last thing I do before I enter the stadium is listening my game song now Lose Yourself by Eminem in the car really loud and let the all the energy flow.

So when I enter the stadium I am already relaxed because I know I have done all the possible preparation well and can just enjoy performing now.

I read on my English book that you are going to write a book? I have already written a book HJK Mestarienliigassa and there will be more to come when the time is right.

Do you write poems? Because,our english book English United ,has chapter of you and there is said that you write poems,too. That it is cool that we have so good player from Finland!

Good Luck For Future! I do write poems too sometimes, but often they tend to rather be sarcastic xmas wording instead of traditionally beautiful poems.

Niin ja meinasin sanoo Rikulle et kertoo sulle terkkuja mutta se ehti kadota jonnekin. Heippsan ja kiitos terkuista.

I just want to know if you have visited uruguay sometime if not you must come and how much do you know about uruguay.. We have met lots of famous people, footballers included and bothered them for an autograph.

So far you are the only one who has taken the time to actually talk to us! Thanks by the way! First of all, I am not famous and barely a footballer.

Secondly, I enjoy talking to people. Mark Brown marksarahkids aol. What are you upto now. We here you have returned to Finland. Mark, how could I ever forget the table 22 that virtually made the promotion for Palace ; Hope you are well and happy, welcome to watch our games here in Germany, the full match program will be found in www.

Just a FCK Fan haskie web. There are a lot of FCK Fans waiting for you to come back. Please can you keep us posted with the progress of your "comming back"?

Thanks, I am currently one week from full fitness so hopefully I can help the team soon. Hi the greatest ever Lesley, good to hear from you..

I checked from club office too but they claim that no packet has arrived to me, damn. However, I am very pleased to hear you are getting married, congratulations, I am so happy for you.

Wow, it is an honor to be involved in you wedding, this could also actually be closest I ever get to marriage.

My best wishes to you and your special day, you get my blessing and warmest thoughts. Joko saksan kieli sujuu? Alles ist sehr gut aber nicht Deutch sprechen.

Joten eikun saippuoopperoiden pariin, der bold und die beautiful it will be then. Can you rectify that? You are still mentioned on websites with great affection.

Lots of us would like to thank you. In this "profesional" age, your attitude, love of the game and honesty shone out. Your love of the club was obvious.

You were a supporter too. Oh, and could you do the odd translation on yoursite. My Finnish is much worse than your English! Regards and Up the Palace.

Dear Dave, I got to play six years for a good club and get supported by good people, I have good memories and friends for life, and that is the best thank you I could ever imagine.

Nathan Brown fan4ever33 hotmail. Nathan, I have had a hard time lately but your message just put me into tears, thank you for that.

The memories can never be taken from us and I feel it is never a goodbye with a people like you. Good luck in university and life, we will see again one sunny day.

Toivottavasti olet sopeutunut Saksaan hyvin. Taitaapi peli olla hieman erilaista kuin Brittein saarilla, vai kuinka?

Seuraan mielenkiinnolla edesottamuksiasi siella Britanniassa. Poikkeat mielestani eduksesi monista muista filosofin taidoillasi: Tsemppia ja hyvaa uutta vuotta, Katri.

Would you like to loose a match in chess against me? Daniel Korn DDKorn aol. I thought I was the only person that liked the movie!

Unfortunately I have still a bit to go for full fitness but I am working hard on it as for the World Domination, it is all just a matter of time.

Kingpin truly is one of the greatest ever, unlike Karlsruhe. Koska olet palaamassa kentille? Av Patel avnishpat gmail. Why don't you put your latest news entries in English?

We would like to know how you're doing in Germany and if you miss Croydon Filip Sebo acewindows aol. PS What is your favourite Scottish team?

I am almost there with the first part, the mental state of the world domination. It all starts with the right mental state - like supporting Hibs does.

Palace isn't the same without you. My sister and I met you twice at the open days and both times you made us laugh with your humour.

Thankyou for the fond memories both on and off the pitch. Good luck for the future and you're welcome to come back to Palace if you ever get bored.

Love from The Popstar Princesses. Lucy and the Pop Stars, It was the best ever gig there at the underground so I remain as a true fan of District Line ;.

Heard You visited here Basel shortly last month or so? Getting better I suppose? Actually I visited your web-sites because I often read Alex Stubbs columns on his website and he linked to your page in his blog.

Is there something bigger going on with this Stubb-Riihilahti situation? Maybe You are focusing already your outspoken character to politics, especially in EU-related tasks?

While waiting here is something for your tv-spot in your election campaign: Take care and lots of goals! Basel and recovery have been good to me. When it comes to my outspoken friend with the Dracula teeth, I am just a fan.

Hope this was politically correct enough. Have you got your free ticket to leave the Rennbahn already? I am home and as the doctors said I have to be good and not to go for too long walks It was nice to meet you and wish you all the very best.

Hope you had a big party on Sunday night ;o. Hi Monique, I am still here as hostage so you might have to smuggle me out to party ; It was good to meet you too, hope you have a good recovery.

After looking at your site i am pleased to see you have found a new challenge and playing football again. A friend of mine used to live a few doors away from you in Langley Park, she mentioned what a good six pack you had when cutting a hedge one day, bless!

Think she will miss you next summer. Glad your doing well and have always enjoyed your passion for Palace. Good luck for the future.

But I keep a six pack as one of my future challenges. FC Kaiserslautern and I wish you the very best because of your hurt: You're a very good defensive midfelder.

Hi Sascha, Very disappointed with the injury too but I will do my absolutely best to be back as soon as and as strong as possible.

Muligheter for at du kommer tilbake?? Dear Tommy, Thank you for the great support and memories at SE25 for you too. Jalkapalloilijoilla tarvitsee olla juoksuvoimaa runsaasti.

Oliko nuoruusvuosinasi joku oma ohjelma jota suoritit vai aloititko vasta vanhempana voimaharjoittelun. Salilla teen jonkun verran vapailla painoilla vahvistavia harjoituksia, ja harjoituskaudella kuudenkympin vetoja.

Our population is about millions,but we always faced difficulties in selecting best starting 11 to make any world cup final round,not even Asian Games gold medal up to date: D keep up the good work.

We all really miss you at Palace: Thanks for playing at palace you were a true ledgend!! I've sent you a question before and I was just seeing how you were!!

It is very different to SE25 but I have no leather pants or mustache yet so I guess I am doing quite well so far. Ja hauska tuo kuva-albumi, varsinkin ne lapsuudenkuvat!

Yair, from Argentina elmonjenegro90 hotmail. I'm 17 and I have always wanted to be a football player, but here in Argentina it's very difficult.

The player's level is higher tan in any part of the world. I have the talent, but not the perseverance they have So I only wrote to send greetings for you Hi Yair, What are you talking about, I had to beat a snowman and a polar bear to get into a team, after that I have had no other competition than answering questions ; I wish you strength and luck my friend with your path, my best greetings.

Annika Munz nikana gmx. Please please please, don't stop writing! I hope it's just because you haven't DSL yet. No, I don't speak finish, I looked this phrase up with google, and hope it means really "greetings" and not something inappropriate.

You are right, apart from all our staff members everyone actually seems to speak surprisingly decent English here, there goes that stereotype out of the window.

So what I want to know is: Do you like Germany and do you like Kaiserslautern? Hi Michaela, I am proud you are the first ones to have my name on the shirt, I do my very best to be worth it.

So far everything has been a surprisingly positive experience on and off the pitch. And thank you very much for your first matches for FCK!!!

Keep on fighting as you already did and you'll become "unsterblich" for all FCK Fans! Hi Martin, For a last few years I have not been drinking alcohol at all… and wines don't count as alcohol because it is just a social happening or religious prayer.

So at least I will be sober in all coming fights. I doubt Sunday League footballers can get fined 2 weeks wages for unnecessary suspensions.

Kiitos Heidi, naisethan ovat kunnioitettavia ja kauniita. Just to say loads of us from Palace all still miss you!

Your a hero for us Palace guys! All the best of luck in Germany and come back and see us soon! We love you AKI!!!

You are much missed by the fans here with the new season now underway, and I wish you all the very best with your new club. Most of all, thank you for that goal against Arsenal in the Premiership season - I was off work ill at the time, and should never have been at the game but I was, and I was proud to be there.

Thanks again Aki, and all the best at Kaiserslautern. Thanks Michael, In return from your kind words I am not turning you in for skipping from work ;.

Did you settle and do you feel well in Kaiserslautern? Do you enjoy playing here and how are you getting along with your team-mates? I don't want to "force" you to answer my questions, I'd already be content with letting you know that we are glad to have you playing for Kaiserslautern.

I hope you'll update this website soon, 'cause I have really enjoyed reading your cloumn! I'll keep my fingers crossed and wish you all the best for the next games!

Sorry for writing so much ; Ina. Do you speak german? Good luck against Paderborn. I see you in TV. Hallo Bernd, The feeling is that even though we have played good football so far we have to be still sharper in both boxes.

So I am working on with my game, shooting and German to get it right. So I used google to find your website and read all the english news on your page.

I really like your style. I hope you'll continue to write columns in English, because Finish is a bit to difficult to me.

Well, there's no question in this mail I just didn't know where else to reach you ;- Best wishes, Annika. Hi Annika, Writing is my other passion so I am glad I have had the opportunity to combine with the other, football.

English is my first choice of language here, but there have been a few domestic things to be written first lately.

You never know, might soon try a German one too. Do you like it to play in Kaiserslautern? The people here say you're a great fighter.

We like people who have a big fighter-heart, thats the way we like to see our players. Hi Alex, I am definitely no Zidane but will take a ball from one.

So far it has been good, but should get even better soon. Could you please do your updates in English as well. I don't understand crazy Finnish.

However, I am coming to Helsinki for Eurovision. Can you also suggest anywhere nice? Today I don't recommend losing in the last minute to Birmingham City.

Wouldn't have happened if No15 was on the pitch. I miss you Aki! Good luck with 'Lautern. We're coming to see you soon. Elliot, I am trying to make crazy Finnish a world language, specially now when we have the song contest also.

I would live in Kalastajatorppa, visit Suomenlinna, have a lunch at Ursula, go shopping at Stockmann, eat a dinner in Raku-ya and get wasted in Lux.

Do you learn German? MM-kisojen paras kommentaattori ;. Hello Ilona, Eilinen esitys oli valitettavasti maajoukkueurani huonoin, lupaan parantaa jatkossa, kun kerran Tekin olette paikalle.

Onnea kovasti vain peleihin,koska kohtahan alkavat taas maajoukkuepelit. Millasta on saksassa autoilla? I wanna get promoted, I wanna have the great West Kurve atmosphere in all games as it has been so far and I want us and myself to perform much better.

My feelings are still mixed as there are many grey areas both on and off the pitch that has to be solved to make a successful season.

Musiikista en kehtaa, kun Dire Straitsista olen Sue Denny sdenny tesco. This made me wonder what had happened to my favourite guys who had unfortunately moved on.

I came across your website and an hour later was still reading, how cool your diaries are! Any way just wanted to wish you luck in whatever you go on to do, hopefully you will continue playing our beloved game for a few more years.

I attended the Player of the year dance at Selhurst Park and remember wondering who would still be with us for the next season.

I am so glad you look back at your time with a smile …….. Take care and good luck. Dear Sue, I love the game, Palace and the great memories, nothing will ever take those away from us.

I try to say it better in http: We agreed on the fact that very few footballers can write genuinely interesting and amusing stuff.

Love your column in the Times so keep it up! As a Tottenham fan do you think that this is the season that your international teammate Teemu Tainio will shine in the premiership?

Thanks and good luck this season mate. Hi Marc, Teemu has a long time been the most important player for Finnish national team and I have no doubt in my mind he will do well in any club.

I'm sorry, I can't write in finnish, but I'm from Germany - so it would be a little bit difficult for me Yes, the question s: Who in fact is that sweet little baby at the picture in "my friends"?

I am friends with everyone but Josh Simpson is following me everywhere so that I would be his best friend. Jimmy, How about my answers then?

James Powley Bouncebckablty Aol. However, I am grateful and proud that I feel I would be welcome if I ever returned to any of the 3 clubs I have played for in my career.

PS Thanks for the memories I am currently trying to make an introduction of myself to German football and way of living, doesnt look like a best seller so far in here.

Simon Bull simonbull hotmail. During the reception we had all the tables named after famous Palace players. The top table was named in your honour.

The day was superb, and I am pleased to have been able to sit at a table named after you. What are you up to now you have left Selhurst Park?

I wish you all the very best. Congratulations Simon for getting married, I am honored to have been there on your special day and really glad that it went superb, this actually could be the closest I ever get to marriage ; I have left to Germany to find new worlds and civilisations but I doubt I will found my wife in here.

I say in english now oho, what did you think of london when you lived there? London olen lontoolainen nainen mut suomi on paras ; p.

Toivottavasti jaksat jatkaa kirjoittelua pelaamisen ohella. Jeff Lord lordj wahs. Well guess what - you do!!! I'm a Palace fan and was very saddened when I learnt that you were leaving.

I actually spent more time flying than I did on the ground in the UK! Other than that, I've never been overseas and I'm almost 46 years old!

Anyway, thanks for ALL your time at Palace. We were all very sad to see you leave especially Chloe on the BBS and wish you well at your new club.

There's a beer in my refrigerator with your name written on it should you ever visit Australia. Hi Jeff, Your dedication is admirable or you had too much air miles going old and what a day you picked to be overseas, maybe you should come more often if such a good things happen to Palace then.

When I finish football, Australia is on top of my travelling destination i have heard i am huge in melbourne too, total visitors to my pages this year from there so keep the beer cold my friend ;.

Jack Sales jackdudley hotmail. Just wanted to say good luck in Germany and all the best for the future. Thanks for the good times at palace, you will be missed greatly as an honest dedicated player, that performance against Arsenal when the equaliser went in i nearly crashed my car!!

Dear Jack, I am sorry if I have vandalized your life by playing for Palace ; There were so many highs through my time at SE25 but the playoff final was probably the best day of my life as it summarized everything I had ever believed in, done and chosen in my life.

Terry Morley terry morley Good luck at Kaiserlautern. And i'm sure Palace fans will never foget the goal you scored against wimbledon mk dons.

Good Luck to you 4 the rest of your career. I think that my question was one of those I hope you have a great summer and a great season next autumn.

I think your career will continue in Germany?? A bit different culture from the English one. Dear Ulla, If someone has taken the time and interest to be willing to know something, then all questions are good questions.

Same cant be said about my answers. I hope this message reaches you well, Mark, Croydon. Thanks Mark, It was a pleasure to play for Palace and work with Barry.

Ja oli kiva katsella Sinua MM-kisojen aikana. Omapahan oli valintani ja otan sen haasteena vastaan. Jos ei ole kuulevinaan, kukaan ei jaksa huudella kauaa.

I once shared a house with a guy who supported Palace, and you were his favourite player, but one day we came home, and he had taken his copy of Pro Evolution 4 on the Playstation round to his brother's house, so we couldn't play on it.

As you can probably understand, we don't like talking about it. Anyway, sad to hear you've been released by Palace, but I can assure you that should you wish to elevate your legend status to new levels, you should join Carlisle United.

We were League 2 champs last season, our 2nd promotion in a row and the local paper has already done an article on you, so that's the hard stuff out of the way.

Fancy turning out for the greatest team in the league? Alreet Fergs, As tempting your offer with local paper story and all sounds, my decision not to negotiate a new contract with Palace was also a decision to leave UK.

I really hope the best for you, your club and getting back the Pro Evolution 4. Jatka samaan malliin, ura kommentaattorina sopisi sinulle.

Ok, suurin osa tekee niin. Halle Berry kylpyammeessa kuulostaa houkuttelevammalta Taidat olla vain niin kiireinen mies.

Adam McCarthy adamrjamccarthy hotmail. And what do you miss most about Suomi? Go to Karuselli at a sunny day and Mecca at evenings so there shouldnt be much of a chance you leaving before those ten.

I hope you come back some day to us. Now we are one of the best team in norway, and we need you in the champions league: D You want to some back some day?

My best wishes to games and everyone, you never know when we meet again. Onko Thierry Henry sinua paljon nopeampi? There are rumours about Galatasaray.

What is the last situation? Hi Sencer, thank you for your interest. My last situation is that I am holidaying and hungry so I wont make any decisions before I am done with these.

Moi Niina, pahainen lihamakaronilaatikko paloi pohjaan kotitaloustunnilla. Yritin kovasti vakuutella ettei asia suinkaan ole niin,mutta Palataan ja veikalle terkkui: Thankyou Lord, for all you have given, and all we have received.

Vi trenger en spiller med et stort fotballhjerte og innsats i 90 min igjen Kong Henning Hovi, knuteb hotmail. Du er hjertelig velkommen tilbake.

Kong Henning Hovi Sent by: Kommer du tilbake, Aki? Are you gonna come: P Like old days? Where do I find this? I could do with some inspiration.

Call me soft but whenever I look at your website it makes me want to cry in a good way. Dear Richard, I have also heard trying to read my grammar makes people sweat.

I think that someone is referring to my homepage "Scoring and setting goals" -article I feel bad not seeing amazing barmaid again, although your orange juice was very good too.

May the force be with you. Just a quick note to say I wish all the palace players good luck tonight against Watford. I for one am disappointed you are not playing.

My son plays midfield for Croydon athletic and they won cup silverware this season in there first season. Your 'ready to party' writeup was a huge inspiration to the lads.

Best of luck and fast healing for you. All the best, Darren. Thanks Darren, congratulation for your son and Croydon Athletic.. Kirsty murray kirstymurray msn.

You're a truly nice guy. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an athlete who can make an intellectual argument? And if you top that with being funny, we're talking practically unexisting odds.

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